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Vespel® Polyimide
Only by DuPont
The Right Stuff for Semiconductor Production

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Datasheet BPI Vespel Specification Datasheet

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DuPont Vespel® Polyimide :
Proven Performers in Semiconductor Manufacture

DuPont Vespel® polyimide parts come with a documented record of reliability and durability in wafer handling, wafer processing, IC handling and testing and other semiconductor manufacturing operations.

Boedeker Plastics is one of the nation's leading suppliers of raw DuPont Vespel® polyimide material in many sizes and shapes. Boedeker's in-house machine shop can also provide complete machined parts for all semiconductor processing and production needs.

Wafer Processing | Wafer Handling | IC Handling & Testing
Mechanical Properties | Electrical Properties

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Wafer Processing

Wherever a wafer process requires resilient, long-wearing parts to cushion, dampen, or isolate, Vespel® usually provides a viable solution.
Candidate applications include crystal slicing, photoresist applications, dry etching and ion implantation. Typical Vespel® parts are shown here.

Vespel in Wafer Processing

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Spin chuck surfaces
During the application of photoresist, this Vespel® part grips wafers firmly but gently. Its complex surface was easily machined to close tolerances. Vespel® provides long wear and minimum contamination.

Wafer clamping ring
Used in oxide etching, the Vespel® clamping ring withstands extremely aggressive conditions. It maintains strength, resilience and dimensional stability at operating temperatures of 288°C (550°F), high plasma energy, and vacuum to 10 -9 torr. Service life depends on chamber conditions, including types of etchant gases.

Vespel® parts work as both thermal and electrical insulators. The insulators shown separate wafers from a stainless steel pedestal during ion implantation. The use of Vespel® minimizes contamination and extends service life with high process yield and reduced downtime.

Vespel® parts such as these require no lubricaion and exhibit low friction as key parts for implantation of impurity atoms. The bearing retainer is a special composition of Vespel® tailored for superior wear resistance in a vacuum environment.

Vacuum pads
Attached to robot arms, Vespel® pads hold wafers while they are removed from various processing steps.
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Wafer Handling

Automated wafer handling systems require contact surfaces that are resilient, long wearing, free of particulate and dimensionally stable. Because Vespel® parts can meet all these requirements they are widely used in in vacuum pickup systems, carrying devices and positioning assemblies.

Vespel in Wafer Handling

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Wafer guides
These Vespel® guides withstand process temperatures up to 288°C (550°F) without damage or deformation. The resilience of Vespel® and its low thermal conductivity help avoid buildup of thermal stresses in wafers. And Vespel® minimizes particulate contamination.

Vacuum pickup strips and tips
Vespel® parts only 1 to 3 mm thick are milled to permit air passages and bonded to stainless steel in such applications. Vespel® meets needs for strength to hold up in such thin sections and resilience to help protect wafers from handling damage.

Wafer carriers
As wafer carriers and wafer contact surfaces in such carriers, Vespel® parts far outperform various other polymer components in resistance to elevated temperatures and process conditions. This Vespel® carrier's intricate design features, including slots and undercuts, were readily machined to close tolerances.

Probe check insulators
In holding wafers during testing of individual circuit chips, these Vespel® components help minimize contamination and hold the close tolerances needed for precise positioning for testing.
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IC Handling and Testing

Vespel® gives you the excellent dielectric performance and mechanical properties needed in apparatus for handling and testing integrated circuits in packaging operations.

Vespel in IC Handling

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Die-pickup collets
For handling diced chips during packaging, Vespel® collets meet needs for resilience and cleanliness. These parts were easily machined to the precise tolerances required.

Test sites and holders
In these thin-walled components, Vespel® provides excellent dielectrics and outperforms ceramics in strength, toughness, and resilience to protect circuits from damage during testing. In some cases, metal contacts are adhesive-bonded in place. The Vespel® parts also fill the need for dimensional stability over a wide range of test temperatures.

Insulators and wear strips
Use during testing and packaging steps, these Vespel® parts resist wear and have low friction against components made of other materials. Their configuration attests to the feasibility of machining Vespel® with high precision.
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Typical Mechanical Properties of Vespel® Parts (SP-1 Resin)
Property                        Test Method   Test Temp °F(°C)  Typical Value
Tensile strength, ultimate       ASTM D 638     73(23)          12,500(86.5)
   psi(MPa)                                     500(260)         6,000(41.2)

Elongation, ultimate, %          ASTM D 638     73(23)             7.5
                                                500(260)           6.0

Flexural modulus, kpsi(MPa)      ASTM D 790     73(23)            450(3,103)
                                                500(260)          250(1,724)

Compressive modulus, kpsi(MPa)   ASTM D 695     73(23)            350(2,413)

Coefficient of friction, unlubricated
   Dynamic                           -           0.29                -
   Static                            -           0.35                -

Coefficient of linear thermal    ASTM D 696     73-572             30(54)
expansion, 10-6 in/in/°F

Thermal conductivity, W/m °K         -          104(40)             0.35

Underwriters Laboratories          UL 94      94 V-O, 94-5V          -
  flammability rating
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Typical Electrical Properties of Vespel® Parts (SP-1 Resin)
Property                        Test Method   Test Temp °F(°C)  Typical Value
Dielectric Constant             ASTM D 150       73(23)
               @ 102 Hz                                             3.62
               @ 104 Hz                                             3.64
               @ 106 Hz                                             3.55

Dissipation Factor              ASTM D 150       73(23)
               @ 102 Hz                                            0.0018
               @ 104 Hz                                            0.0036
               @ 106 Hz                                            0.0034

Dielectric strength, short term  ASTM D 257      73(23)            560(22)
@ 0.080 in (2mm) thickness,
V/mil (kV/mm)

Volume resistivity, ohm-m        ASTM D 257      73(23)          1014 - 1015

Surface resistivity, ohm         ASTM D 257      73(23)          1015 - 1016
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VESPEL is a registered trademark of DuPont
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