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(Medical Trial Grade) PEEK Specifications

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click to resize photo TECAPEEK MT is a semi-crystalline high performance, machinable thermoplastic for very demanding applications, most suitably in medical and food technology. Tecapeek MT is FDA and ISO 10993 compliant, plus it meets USP Class VI biocompatability requirements for instrumentation. Tecapeek MT has excellent chemical resistance and stress cracking resistance. It also has good wear resistance, sliding properties and a high resistance to gamma radiation.

TecaPEEK MT is manufactured using an unfilled Polyetheretherketone resin. This formulation of PEEK is to be used in applications that are subject to contact with blood, bone or tissue for less than 24 hours. Tecapeek is a superior material to many other polymer formulations because of its resistance to chemical attack as well as its ability to be repeatedly steam sterilized. Tecapeek is an excellent choice of material where high operating temperatures, good radioactive resistance and extremely low resistance to cracking make it an ideal material for medical components in medical device applications.

Tecapeek MT is used in surgical instruments, instrument holders and sterilization containers. Tecapeek's superior dimensional stability as well as its excellent insulation properties make it an ideal choice for many other surgical and medical instrumentation components. It is also suitable for use in food technology, nuclear and vacuum technology, and the automotive and aerospace applications.

NOTE: TecaPEEK MT is also available in a 30% glass-fiber-filled grade. The basic properties of the TecaPEEK are essentially unchanged, but the carbon-fibers add stiffness (increased modulus) and lower the coefficient of thermal expansion (CLTE). The carbon filler also increases thermal and electrical conductivity. This grade is typically specified where dimensional stability is critical, for example in alignment guides or trials. This special grade is available upon request... contact us for more information.

TECAPEEK MT is available in pre-molded sheet and solid round rod shapes and is available in standard colors of  BLACK ,  RED ,  BLUE ,  GREEN  &  YELLOW . TECAPEEK MT CF30 (carbon-filled) is  BLACK  in color. Custom colors are available upon special order.

( see also Standard TECAPEEK grades, TECAPEEK Classix, TECAPEEK MT XP98, and other TECAPEEK Family products )

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ASTM or UL test Property TecaPEEK MT TecaPEEK MT CF30
D792 Density (lb/in³)
D570 Water Absorption, 24 hrs (%) 0.1 0.06
D638 Tensile Strength, at yield (psi) 13,700 27,000
D638 Tensile Modulus (psi) 435,000 1,885,400
D638 Tensile Elongation at Break (%) 25 1.1
D790 Flexural Strength (psi) 27,000 46,100
D790 Flexural Modulus (psi) 609,000 1,850,000
D695 Compressive Strength (psi) 16,900 34,800
D3846 Shear Strength (psi) 7,500 14,100
D785 Hardness, Rockwell M99 M107
D256 IZOD Notched Impact (ft-lb/in) 1.2 0.9
D696 Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion
(x 10-5 in./in./°F)
2.6 0.8
D648 Heat Deflection Temp (°F / °C)
at 264 psi
320 / 160 600 / 316
D3418 Melting Temp (°F / °C) 644 / 340 644 / 340
- Max Operating Temp (°F / °C) 482 / 250 482 / 250
C177 Thermal Conductivity
(x 10-4 cal/cm-sec-°C)


UL94 Flammability Rating V-0 V-0
D149 Dielectric Strength (V/mil) short time, 1/8" thick 200 -
D150 Dielectric Constant at 1 MHz - -
D150 Dissipation Factor at 1 MHz - -
D257 Surface Resistivity (ohm-square) at 50% RH 1016 -
D257 Volume Resistivity (ohm-cm) at 50% RH 1016 -

NOTE: The information contained herein are typical values intended for reference and comparison purposes only. They should NOT be used as a basis for design specifications or quality control. Contact us for manufacturers' complete material property datasheets.
All values at 73°F (23°C) unless otherwise noted.
TECAPEEK is a registered trademark of Ensinger Industries, Inc.

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