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Product Family Overview

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TecaPEEK Family Overview | Standard TecaPEEK | TecaPEEK HT | TecaPEEK ST
TecaPEEK (unfilled) | TecaPEEK GF30 (glass-filled) | TecaPEEK CF30 (carbon-filled) | TecaPEEK PVX (bearing grade)
TecaPEEK CMF | TecaPEEK TS | TecaPEEK ELS nano | TecaPEEK MT | TecaPEEK Classix | TecaPEEK MT XP98

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In recent years, Ensinger Industries has introduced a large family of engineering plastic materials called TecaPEEK®. This group of materials, based upon variations of semi-crystalline PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK), and includes a full range of advanced high performance, high temperature polyaryletherketones, including unfilled and filled blends of polymers covering a wide variety of physical, thermal, and electrical properties.

TecaPEEK® materials have been developed that are suitable for a wide variety of high temperature, chemically-resistant, and performance applications, including the oil & gas drilling & exploration, automotive, marine, nuclear, electronics, medical and aerospace fields.

As a leading Ensinger stock shapes distributor, Boedeker Plastics sells all Ensinger TecaPEEK materials in sheet, rod and tube forms as available ... and we also machine parts from those shapes to our customers specifications. As a service to our customers, we offer this cross-reference information and explanation of the entire available TecaPEEK product family.

Here's more detailed information about the TecaPEEK ® family of products, including links to properties datasheets:

TecaPEEK Grade Description
TecaPEEK (unfilled) Unfilled PEEK PolyEtherEtherKetone
TecaPEEK GF30 30% Glass-Filled PEEK PolyEtherEtherKetone
TecaPEEK CF30 30% Carbon-Filled PEEK PolyEtherEtherKetone
TecaPEEK PVX (bearing grade)
TecaPEEK HT High temperature performance (PEK, black)
TecaPEEK ST Extreme temperature performance (PEKEKK, black)
TecaPEEK CMF (ceramic filled)
TecaPEEK TS (test socket grade)
TecaPEEK ELS nano (carbon nano-tube filled)
TecaPEEK MT (unfilled pigmented medical trial grade)
TecaPEEK MT CF30 (extruded 30% Carbon-Filled)
TecaPEEK Classix (ISO10993, 30 days contact)
TecaPEEK Classix XRO (radio opaque 20% BaSO4)
TecaPEEK MT XP98 (compression molded 30% CF)
TecaPEEK MT XP98 XRO (compression molded 30% CF with radio opaque 20% BaSO4)

New Ensinger TecaPEEK® grade information will be added to the table above as the product line continues to expand.

TECAPEEK is a registered trademark of Ensinger Industries, Inc.
PEEK, CLASSIX, PEEK-ESD, HT, ST and WG101 are trademarks of Victrex PLC.

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