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Semitron® Product Family Overview
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Materials

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Semitron Family Overview | Semitron ESd 225 | Semitron ESd 410C | Semitron ESd 420
Semitron ESd 480 | Semitron ESd 490HR | Semitron ESd 500HR | Semitron ESd 520HR
Semitron MDS 100 | Semitron MP 370 | Semitron CMP LL5 | Semitron CMP XL25

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In recent years, Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products has introduced a large family of engineering plastic materials called Semitron®. This group of materials, based upon variations of engineering plastics with selected additives to enhance their properties, including increased electrical conductivity (reduced resistivity) for protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD), and improved mechanical performance for semiconductor device test sockets. The Semitron® Semiconductor Grade products were developed to help designers and users optimize the performance of device manufacturing equipment. In addition to device manufacture, many of these materials are ideal for specific environments where wear-resistance, chemical-resistance and the management of static electricity are required. Two groups of products have been developed. One, well suited for device handling and test applications, and a second for next-generation CMP use.

Semitron® materials have been developed specifically for the semiconductor manufacturing industry, but may also be suitable for a wide variety of high temperature, chemically-resistant, and performance applications, including the oil & gas drilling & exploration, automotive, marine, nuclear, electronics, medical and aerospace fields.

As a leading Quadrant stock shapes distributor, Boedeker Plastics sells all Quadrant Semitron materials in sheet, rod and tube forms as available ... and we also machine parts from those shapes to our customers specifications. As a service to our customers, we offer this cross-reference information and explanation of the entire available Semitron product family.

Here's more detailed information about the Semitron ® family of products, including links to properties datasheets:

Semitron ESd 225 static dissipative acetal copolymer
Semitron ESd 410C conductive polyetherimide (Ultem)
Semitron ESd 420 static dissipative polyetherimide (Ultem)
Semitron ESd 420V static dissipative polyetherimide (Ultem)
Semitron ESd 480 static dissipative polyetheretherketone (PEEK)
Semitron ESd 490HR static dissipative polyetheretherketone (PEEK)
Semitron ESd 500HR static dissipative polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Semitron ESd 520HR static dissipative polyamide-imide (PAI)
Semitron MDS-100 low moisture high heat resistance
Semitron MP-370 high strength precision machinable grade
Semitron CMP LL5 wear & chemical resistant, white
Semitron CMP XL20 high strength & stiffness, black
Semitron MPR-1000 oxygen-resistant for plasma etch chambers

New Quadrant Semitron® grade information will be added to the table above as the product line continues to expand.

SEMITRON is a registered trademark of Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products.

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