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Fire Safe Plastic Materials

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Fire Safe Material Requirements

In today's high technology industries, billions of dollars are invested in clean rooms to protect expensive equipment and their processes from becoming contaminated by air borne micron-size particles. Fires, even those small enough to pose no danger to the facility, can be disastrous to the integrity of the clean room itself.

That's why insurance underwriters in the semiconductor industries have developed a stringent set of protocols to be used for fabricating counters, cabinets, consoles and storage components and wet tools used in clean rooms These standards, together with other guidelines established by such agencies as FMGlobal (
FM4910 listings), Underwriters Laboratories (UL94), and Sematech, provide manufacturers of thermoplastic fabricating materials with vital specifications and testing procedures by which to measure the performance of their respective products.

The materials which pass these stringent tests have been formulated to resist burning, self-extinguish, or otherwise prevent the formation and propagation of flames and fire without the need for external fire suppression systems.

(see also our UL94 Test Method Overview for details)
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Available Fire Safe Plastic Materials

The following materials have been (or are in the process of being) approved for use where fire safety and flame retardance are key properties:

NOTE: Manufacturers frequently introduce new materials ... contact us for the latest updates!

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