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PTFE, FEP, and PFA Specifications

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Because of its molecular structure, traditional PTFE cannot be processed by melting, but must be compressed into shapes and heated under pressure (sintered). In contrast, FEP and PFA are melt-processable by conventional thermoplastic processing methods, including injection, transfer, blow, and compression molding and by extrusion.

NOTE: Boedeker Plastics does NOT sell PTFE, FEP, or PFA powders, resins, or pellets suitable for molding purposes. We sell these materials ONLY in plate, rod, or tube forms.

( see also Generic PTFE Specifications )

TetraFluorEthylene-Perfluorpropylene (FEP) is produced by copolymerization of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene. It is a relatively soft thermoplastic with lower tensile strength, wear resistance, and creep resistance than many other engineering plastics. However, it is chemically inert and has a low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range. FEP possesses a very high degree of stress crack resistance, a low coefficient of friction, exceptional dielectric properties, heat resistance, retention of properties after service at 400°F (204°C) with useful properties at -454°F (-270°C), and meets FDA 21CFR.177.1550.

FEP has high transparency (with good transmittance of UltraViolet and visible wavelengths.) It has long term weatherability and excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight and weather. FEP offers the lowest refractive index of all thermoplastics with low light reflection (the same as water.)

Important applications are linings for pipe and chemical processing equipment, roll covers, and numerous wire and cable applications, including aircraft wire, plenum cable, fire alarm cable, and well logging cable. Heat-shrinkable FEP tubing is available. FEP Film is used as glazing in solar energy collectors.

Common FEP tradenames include Daikin Neoflon® and Hoechst Hostaflon®.

PerFluoroAlkoxy (PFA) offers similar properties to FEP, but is considered more of a premium resin. PFA is preferred when extended service is required in hostile environments involving chemical, thermal, and mechanical stress. PFA offers high melt strength, stability at high processing temperatures, excellent crack and stress resistance, a low coefficient of friction, and more than 10 times the Flex life of FEP.

It has high resistance to creep and retention of properties after service at 500°F (260°C), with useful properties at -320°F (95°C). PFA also meets FDA 21CFR.177.1550.

PFA is used in the same types of applications as those listed above for FEP.

Common PFA tradenames include Daikin Neoflon®, Hoechst Hostaflon®, and Ausimont Hyflon®.

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ASTM or UL test Property PTFE
D792 Density (lb/in³)
D570 Water Absorption, 24 hrs (%) < 0.01 < 0.01 < 0.03
D638 Tensile Strength (psi) 3,900 3,400 3,600
D638 Tensile Elongation at Break (%) 300 325 300
D790 Flexural Strength (psi) No break No break No break
D2176 Folding Endurance (cycles) > 106 5-80 x 103 50-500 x 103
D790 Flexural Modulus (psi) 72,000 85,000 85,000
D785 Hardness, Shore D D50 D56 D60
D256 IZOD Notched Impact (ft-lb/in) 3.5 - -
D3418 Melting Temp (°F / °C) 635 / 335 500 / 260 582 / 305
- Max Operating Temp (°F / °C) 500 / 260 400 / 204 500 / 260
UL94 Flammability Rating V-0 V-0 V-0
D150 Dielectric Constant at 1 MHz 2.1 2.1 2.1
D150 Dissipation Factor at 1 MHz < 0.0002 0.0007 0.0001
D495 Arc Resistance (sec) < 300 < 300 < 180
D257 Volume Resistivity (ohm-cm)at 50% RH > 1018 > 1018 > 1018

NOTE: The information contained herein are typical values intended for reference and comparison purposes only. They should NOT be used as a basis for design specifications or quality control. Contact us for manufacturers' complete material property datasheets.
All values at 73°F (23°C) unless otherwise noted.
NEOFLON is a registered trademark of Daikin America.
HOSTAFLON is a registered trademark of Hoechst Celanese.
HYFLON is a registered trademark of Ausimont USA, Inc.

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