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Introduction Video

904 West 6th Street, Shiner, Texas 77984 USA
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Boedeker Plastics Intro Video ... run time: 1:02
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Intro Video Script

"Boedeker Plastics in Shiner, Texas is the largest single-location
plastics distributor in the country ... serving the aerospace,
semiconductor, petroleum, medical and food processing industries

"We've just expanded our physical plant to over sixty-five thousand
square feet so that we can serve the needs of our customers.

"Our sales force takes pride in being able to turn around orders quickly
... from picking the material ... to preparing the material to be cut
to size ... and then to be packed and shipped ... B-P-I takes pride
in getting the order out today.

"Recently, Boedeker Plastics established in-house CNC machining
capabilities to provide our customers with quality machined parts.
We create CNC programs directly from customers' 3D solid model
files to ensure accuracy in the finished parts.

"Once the programs are ready, our skilled technicians use a variety
of computer controlled lathes, mills and machining centers to
manufacture the parts to customer specification.

"Quality service from plastic selection ... to design ... through
prototypes ... into production ... That's the Boedeker Plastics solution."

Video written, filmed and produced in January 2005
by Howard Esse, Crossroads Legal Video Service, Shiner, Texas

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Boedeker Plastics, Inc.
904 West 6th Street, Shiner, Texas 77984 USA
USA TOLLFREE : 1-800-444-3485
Phone: 1-361-594-2941     Fax: 1-361-594-2349     E-Mail:

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