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Vespel ® Polyimide
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V E S P E L   M A C H I N I N G
Contact Boedeker Plastics for more information about machining your complete Vespel ® part or assembly from your drawing or CAD file. Our full CNC Machine Shop can tackle any job --- large or small. Consult our Vespel Stocking Guide for stock shape availability. Since we stock a wide variety of grades and sizes of Vespel ® sheets, discs, rods and tubes of various thicknesses and diameters, we can begin your job RIGHT AWAY!

Vespel ® polyimide material is one of the highest performing engineering plastics currently available. It is readily machined into a variety of components for semiconductor, medical, aerospace, automotive and other high-technology uses. Vespel ® is typically used to manufacture rotary seal rings, thrust washers and discs, bushings, plungers, wear strips, and thermal and electrical insulators.

Vespel material properties include an extremely wide temperature range ... it will not melt and can operate continuously from cryogenic temperatures to 550°F (288°C), with excursions to 900°F (482°C). Vespel® parts consistently exhibit superior performance in a variety of applications requiring low wear and long life in severe environments.
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